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Would you like to investigate a Small Group?
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Small groups at Heritage are characterized as diverse, serving and multifunctional. They express the desire for community and for the church to be more than “just Sunday morning”. Our small group motto could be – Life is better done together. Some groups are short term, and others are long existing.

What it looks like:

Our Heritage Identity Statement states that we desire to be a “caring people”. Picture that in a healthy small group this way:

C – community, building healthy, authentic, deeper, relationships with God & each other
A – application, engaging with God’s Word with a bias to action, putting the Bible into practice, living it out
R – resource, pooling our abilities, strengths, giftedness…for the sake of others near and far
E – evangelistic, supporting each other as we share God’s love and Jesus gospel, multiplying Jesus followers 


Does this make sense to you? Would you like to investigate this further?


Coming Spring - 2021

The Chosen

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Small Group Zoom Gathering – The Chosen
Engaging ways to watch, discuss and grow in a group of 2/3 or a “safe 6” utilizing the intriguing TV series – 'The Chosen' as your gathering point. Watch & Listen at Heritage for details.

Visit Disciple Making page for additional opportunities.