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Disciple Making

If you would like to join, please email Pastor Terry or contact the church office

Focused on Jesus

     ...Building Community

           ...Impacting the Word

Disciple making – what is it?


Simply put, entering into relationships to help people meet & experience, trust & follow Jesus (Matt. 28:18–20), which includes the whole process from first encountering Jesus, declaring allegiance to Jesus, through maturity and multiplication.

You can be involved:
1)Participate online or in-person Heritage Worship Services
2)Engage in events and gatherings found on the Heritage Calendar

And / Or try,

3) Our COVID friendly way to continue growing in your walk with Jesus along with another person:

B.U.I.L.D (Begin, Unpack, Inform, Land, Do)
Conversations to facilitate mentoring relationships
Use the attached guides & instructions that we’ve developed to facilitate your one on one during this season of varying restrictions.