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Board of Elders 

Front: Jim Davenport, David Stinson, Paul Schmidt, Jeanette Lee, Wayne Wyllie

Back:  Bruce Glum, Cheyla Reader, Shawn Hubert, Robert Hildebrandt, Dan Howell, Brendan Friesen

We aspire to be a caring people who are focused on Jesus, building community and impacting the world.
Identity & Core Values


Our “Identity and Core Values” statement is an expression of who we are – this is truly our heritage as a congregation. But it is also an expression of who we see ourselves becoming, expressing our prayerful desire to more wholly follow Jesus..(Read more...)



One of our Core Values at Heritage is: “We Live by God’s Word.” It’s a crucial foundation for our life together! What we believe impacts how we live – so it’s vital that we understand God’s revelation clearly. 

(Read more...)

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