Care Ministry TEam


If you would like to share in the ministry of the Care Ministry Team, please email or contact the church office.


1.    ​Bread Ministry

The Bread Ministry desperately needs your help!  We are seeking people to help with the Bread Ministry once a month to either

a)    Pick up the bread from Cobs once a month on Saturday evening and help pack the bread in the HAC church kitchen  (about an hour of your time once a month);


b)    Help deliver bread once a month on Sunday after church to people in need  (about 30 minutes of your time once a month). 

This Bread Ministry has a profound impact on those who struggle with having the basic necessities in life; the bread helps them stretch their food budget for the month.  

If you are able to help with the Bread Ministry, please let the HAC Church Office know, and someone will follow up with you.   Have questions before you decide to volunteer?  Let the HAC Church Office know, and we will get back to you to answer your questions.   Not able to help out once a month, but would consider being on “stand by”?  Let us know!   Call the HAC office, or send us an e-mail at


2.  Fresh Produce Ministry

We are looking for a couple volunteers who would be interested in taking the lead on a project to deliver fresh produce once a month to people in need.  This Ministry would involve picking up the fresh produce from one location, sorting the produce into bags, and then delivering it to low income individuals and families.


You must be willing to pay up to $96 in cash for the fresh produce, obtain a receipt, and submit the receipt to the CMT for reimbursement.


The fresh produce would need to be picked up some time around 4:00 p.m. on the 3rd Saturday of every month, and then sorted same day, and delivered that evening to the designated people to receive the fresh produce that month.    Training will be provided to orient you to this project.   If you are interested in leading this Ministry, please contact


3.     Volunteer Drivers

 Volunteer drivers needed for a senior who has lost her vision, and needs help getting to doctors’ appointments, banking, etc.  It will require a half-day of your time once per month, but the schedule is flexible in terms of which day of the month you would prefer.  


4.       Items needed

Anyone have any of the following they would be willing to donate?

-        Gently used men’s and ladies’ running shoes, sizes 7 to 9 

-        A wall clock  

-        Kitchen plastic bowls, varying sizes

-        Kitchen utensils, and cooking utensils including a ladle

If you are able to help with any of these needs, please email the Care Ministry Team or contact the Heritage Alliance office, who will put you in touch with one of our Care Ministry team members.


Also, when donating, please identify Care Ministry Team when giving at the office or on the Heritage Alliance Giving page on the website.
Many thanks, and blessings all.
Care Ministry Team
Heritage Alliance Church

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There are so many people who struggle each year at Christmas time to put food on the table.   And this year, as we still continue with COVID-19, there are increased numbers of people who need grocery help.  


As we did last year for the Christmas hampers, because of COVID, it was decided to provide grocery gift cards to low-income families and individuals.   If you know of anyone who is experiencing financial difficulty, and would like to receive a Christmas food certificate or gift card, please provide their names to the Church Office


If you have any questions, or if you are interested in sponsoring an individual or family, please let the Church Office know, who will pass this information along to the Care Ministry or or email the Care Ministry Team at 


The CMT thanks the generous donors from HAC, who wish to remain anonymous, who provided squash and pumpkins from their garden to needy families.   The children who received the pumpkins were delighted