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Global Impact Through Heritage

Part of our core identity at Heritage is Impacting the World. We do this from our own doorstep outward – from our own locality to the very ends of the earth. It is our purpose to share the Good News of Jesus both in word and deed, seeking for his Kingdom to come, here and now as in heaven.

Heritage is part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, the very name of our denomination witnessing to our DNA – namely, that we see ourselves as a community of people on mission.

The C&MA was built on the foundational command of Jesus to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Jesus himself motivates us. The C&MA aims to be a Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused movement.

At Heritage, we are part of this mission, helping to send people to live on mission as International Workers (IWs) among least-reached people groups all around the world. Many of these are in countries that closed their doors to traditional “missionaries” long ago – countries which are now referred to as Creative Access Countries (CAC). IWs are respectfully immersed in these other cultures living, loving and doing life together with them. (Further info on the mission initiatives of the C&MA in Canada can be found HERE 

Heritage participates in the funding of all IWs sent out from Canada through the Global Advance Fund. The majority of our Global Impact giving is channelled in that direction. We have established special ongoing connections with several of these IWs, committing ourselves in what is termed a Seamless Link partnership.  We have three seamless link partners, two of those are in undisclosed locations, and one is in Taiwan.

As a church we have a new partnership with The Genesis Project Foundation. They developing "The Village of Hope" in Honduras.  We are looking forward to building a long term relationship with this ministry just outside of Sambo Creek, Honduras. 

For more information about this partnership visit 


Heritage Local Impact


Paul and Esther Paterson

Paul has worked with Power to Change Ministries (formerly Campus Crusade) for over 44 years. He spent the first 10 years working in Finance and IT, but has spent the succeeding years working as Director of the P2C Store. His work includes selecting products for the store, purchasing, importing, exporting, managing, staffing, publishing and marketing materials. The store serves the Power to Change staff with their various ministry needs, plus also churches, bookstores, and individuals across Canada and indeed around the world.

Paul’s passion is to be a link in the chain for multitudes of people to hear about Jesus, his gift of salvation and the Spirit-filled life. He sees this being accomplished largely through the distribution of the Jesus film, tracts, etc in hundreds of different languages.

Meanwhile Esther in involved in volunteer-work, visiting and encouraging residents and family members of a long-term care facility in Abbotsford.


David and Matildes van Rietschoten


David and Matildes (and their two children, Lucas and Lydia) are serving with the ship Logos Hope (under the auspices of Operation Mobilization), currently in the Caribbean. In the pre-COVID era they experienced huge numbers of people visiting the ship while in harbour (for instance, early 2020 saw them in Port of Spain, Trinidad, with nearly 80,000 visitors). The ministry of the Logos Hope is to share knowledge, help and hope by providing literature resources, encouraging cross-cultural understanding, providing needed relief, and sharing the message of hope through Jesus Christ. They are also actively involved in training young people from around the world for more effective life and service.

David has been serving as the onboard Catering Manager and baker.  He helps the catering team navigate the challenges and changes of this COVID season.


Matildes has been involved in active ministry with those visiting the ship, delighting in interacting with locals and sharing the Lord with them. Since the ship has been in COVID lock-down she has focused on being a mentor for crew members, facilitator of weekly Bible studies and team devotions, and member of the prayer and intercession teams. She has also served by supporting and helping others in their roles and, overall, functioning as Ship’s Mom! 

One of the biggest joy and highlight for David and Matildes has been the opportunity to serve in their gifts, talents and skills together with their children.

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Please make a note that it is for “the support of David and Matildes van Rietschoten.”

Kawkawa Camp & Retreat

Kawkawa Camp is located in Hope, BC on the shores of Kawkawa Lake, just an hour from Abbotsford. Kawkawa runs summer camps for kids and families, plus retreats and outdoor education programs for churches and rental groups, year round.

The facility includes a large dining room, served by a commercial kitchen, that seats 150 and gives unobstructed views of the lake. There are several meeting rooms, together with accommodations in the lodge, cottages and chalets.

Kawkawa’s mission is to transform, build, and impact lives in God’s creation by living in community, offering programs and services and teaching and modeling Christ through our camp staff and facilities.

Heritage has a long-time connection with Kawkawa, with congregation members involved as campers, summer staff, Board members, and ongoing maintenance support. Plus, in recent years, Heritage has enjoyed several pre-summer “Day Away” congregational events for community building, fun and fellowship. We have been blessed by the beauty and hospitality of Kawkawa.

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Alpha Canada


The mission of Alpha Canada is to inspire and serve the Canadian church in its mission to help people discover a relationship with Jesus Christ, using Alpha.


Alpha is an 8-11 week course for anyone interested in investigating the basics of the Christian faith. In a relaxed, informal environment, either in-person or online, people gather for an informative talk on some aspect of Christian faith, followed by the opportunity for discussion in small groups where the rule is “anything goes.”


Here’s a snapshot of the ministry of Alpha Canada by the statistics (2019 statistics being the most recent):

  • 85,516 Canadians heard the good news of Jesus on Alpha

  • 35,271 Canadians began or restored a relationship with Jesus

  • 4,123 Alphas were run in churches across the nation

  • 2,250 churches and organizations ran Alpha

  • 35,414 volunteers participated in running Alpha

  • 532 churches/organizations ran Alpha for the first time


As a congregation, Heritage has benefitted from the ministry of Alpha within our own context over a number of years, helping us to reach others with the Good News of Jesus. For this we are very thankful. We also see the incredible strategic possibilities for Alpha in our nation, opportunities which tie in exactly with our own identity of Impacting the Word. We continue to support Alpha Canada with the hope of seeing more of our nation touched by the Gospel.

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