Fifty-Five Plus Ministry


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If you would like to join, please email Pastor Caroline or contact the church office

Focused on Jesus

     ...Building Community

           ...Impacting the Word

PrimeTimers Worship & Luncheon Dates

Registrations can be found on the church Events page – CLICK HERE to sign up

Thursday, May 26th 11:30am – 1pm  BBQ
Thursday, June 23rd 11:30am – 1pm

Senior’s Care Leadership Team

In addition to Pastoral visits, Heritage Alliance church has an experienced leadership team that connects with seniors on a regular basis, whether it is through phone calls or in-person visits in homes, hospitals or care homes. These connections are an opportunity to keep those who are unable to get out and about connected to our church family, spend time in prayer together as well as make communion available.

Meals Team
This is a multi-generational group who prepare, coordinate and deliver meals to support individuals and families of all ages in our church and the community. 


Contact if questions or want more information.