Tim MacIntosh ~ Senior Pastor

I’ve been a follower of Jesus for most of my life – which is to say, he grabbed
hold of me early.  It’s pure gift – my parents, siblings, grandmother, church, mentors, friends all
played a part.  Best gift? My wife, my best friend.  And 4 kids (ages 23-14) to show for it.  Life is
full and good … and very busy!

ROLE:  Eight years ago I got called as Senior Pastor to this
peaceable place called Heritage, my central task being to study God’s word and preach – wow, what privilege.  My dream?  That we would know Christ better (more deeply) and effectively make him known to others, from our doorstep outwards – an ongoing journey.


Movie:“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy (I know that’s 3, but they’re a package!)

Game: Currently Pente.

Book: Chronicles of Narnia (okay, that’s 7, but …)

Vacation spot: South of France … or Disneyland (yah, that’s 2!)

Food: Spaghetti!

Pastor Terry Dyck ~ Pastor of Congregational Life

ME: my spiritual journey started early, I first chose to follow Jesus as a child – I continue to choose to follow him, to be overwhelmed by the Father’s great love and be shaped by his Spirit. I love activities of all kinds…indoors are okay, but outside is preferable – especially biking. There are many things I cannot do, but the things I can do, that’s where I put my energy. Laughing, loving and enjoying life…and upping the fun factor…that’s why one of my theme’s is Unchained (ride free, live free)

ROLE: my title states, “congregational life”, and that is what I am interested in – coming along side people, resourcing, equipping and releasing them for what God is calling them to be and what he has planned for them to do…I love to see people meet and experience Jesus. For us together, to hear and see where God is at work and join him. Doing life together, that’s the best way, and I love to facilitate that happening…

Katie Wilkinson ~ Pastor of Youth & Young Adults

ME:  I grew up in the Bible Belt in Jackson, Mississippi where I became a Christian through the love and care of amazing youth pastors and volunteer leaders.  While studying abroad in college, I fell in love with Geneva, Switzerland, where God later brought me to my first youth pastor position during seminary.  I met my husband, Troy, while working in Geneva.  Eleven years and lots of prayers later, God used Amazing Race Canada to grab our attention and bring us and our six year old daughter, Lainey, to Abbotsford!

ROLE: I am excited to be at Heritage Alliance as the Youth and Young Adult Pastor with some of my time also devoted to community outreach.  I am passionate about loving people and sharing God’s truth with others!

Favourite Book: ‘Roots’ by Alex Haley

Favourite Game: Balderdash and Ligretto (Dutch Blitz)

Favourite Meal: Burger and Fries

Favourite Places in the World:  Switzerland, Croatia & Budapest

Favourite Activities: gymnastics, mentoring, small group Bible studies, eating, reading, shopping, watching college football and basketball, high ropes courses, tobogganing, water parks and just hanging out with people.

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Heather Schmidt ~ Pastor of Children’s Ministry

My name is Miss Heather to the children at Heritage. I am married to Paul and we have 4 fabulous children and a fabulous daughter-in-law:
Rachel, Steven (married to Jenna), Andrew and Mark.  I started coming to church on the Sunday School bus when I was 9 and asked Jesus into my heart during Sunday school that year.  I am very thankful for the church families that spoke into my life growing up, and the community that has spoken into the lives of our children.

ROLE: I am currently the Pastor of Children’s Ministries at Heritage and am glad to have the opportunity to share my life with these children. My passion is for children to grow in their knowledge of Jesus and the Bible, and to establish their own walk of faith. I believe strongly that they are better able to achieve that with the prayer and support of their own and their church family and value the multi-generational fabric of Heritage.


“These are a few of my favourite things …” My 2 favourite movies are the Sound of Music and My Fair Lady although I have been know to binge watch Star Wars with my boys. I enjoy strong coffee and dark chocolate.
My favourite place to vacation is anywhere with my family. I enjoy knitting and spinning and going to yarn stores to look at all the colours and textures that are available. In the summer I like spending time at the fairground watching 4-H shows.


Daniela Bleoaja ~ Bookkeeper

I was born and raised in a culture where (at that time), atheism was at its highest.  I became a Christian in my teen years, after my sisters came to Christ.  I always marvel at God’s grace for me.  Why He chose me, I will never understand, but I will be forever grateful!

Role:  I moved to Abbotsford not long ago, and it is a privilege and honor to work for Heritage Alliance Church. I am the bookkeeping lady.  I love to come to work, to be surrounded by wonderful people, proud to call each one of them my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Books: Biographies

Movies: I love movies based on real life people and events.

Vacation spot: Hawaii

Hobbies: reading, hiking, gardening

Favourites: Anything to do with my granddaughter (taking her to ballet/swimming lessons…)