Women and Eldership


The Elders announced at Heritage’s Annual Meeting 2019 that our next Annual Meeting (2020) would include a vote regarding the issue of whether women should serve as Elders at Heritage.

A commitment was made at that time to provide opportunities for the congregation to meaningfully engage in biblical exploration of the issue prior to the 2020 vote.

We are now publishing a “Theological Reader” that provides helpful, balanced background on both sides of this issue.  We hope that many will take the time over the summer and fall to read and explore and think through their own understanding of the biblical and theological issues.

The Theological Reader can be accessed by clicking here 

In the fall we will be providing further opportunity for exploration through a series of seminars presented for us by Ken Radant, Associate Professor of Theology at Carey Theological College in Vancouver (and author of the second article in the Theological Reader).  More details of the timing of these seminars will be coming shortly.

Finally, we want to encourage the congregation again to be praying.  As we said at the Annual Meeting, it is our desire,

That this whole process be undergirded with regular, ongoing prayer,
entrusting to the Heritage community the call to live in love, humility, and grace,
as we take seriously the Theological Commission’s concern that unity is an over-riding principle

We plan to hold a special all-church prayer meeting prior to the Annual Meeting 2020 for this purpose.  But please be praying regularly for the church during this whole process.  May the unity of the Spirit be preserved in the bond of peace and the Lord Jesus honoured in our interaction together.