Pastor Tim’s Blog: Eyes on Jesus

There’s no better way to get eyes focused on Jesus than by reading through the Scriptures.

That’s the plan here. Pastor Tim invites you to walk with him in reading one chapter of the Bible (starting with the Gospels) each day of the week. He’ll then provide some of his own reflections on one brief portion, each day. You can join him in the prayer. Plus, there’ll be questions or thought to ponder.

You can link with the devotionals through Pastor Tim’s Facebook Group at “Eyes on Jesus (Through the Scriptures)” – search it by name on Facebook and then click on the tab that says “Join Group”.

Click here to connect to the Facebook site.

The idea is to get into the Scriptures regularly, chapter by chapter. As you do, you’ll get to know the Bible itself better, understand the text, hear the whispers of the Spirit, and in the process be drawn into an ever-closer relationship with Jesus. It’s a good adventure.

There’ll be readings 5 days per week – you can then take the weekends free to catch up, reflect further, catch your breath, memorize some verses, pray over what you’ve read, or whatever.  And there’s much grace in the process – if you get behind, don’t worry. Just plunge in once again. Read. Get to know Jesus.

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened …

                                    … fixing our eyes on Jesus