Preaching Series

Luke starts his second book, The Acts of the Apostles, by reminding his readers that in his previous book (The Gospel of Luke) he had written about “all that Jesus began to do and teach.”  The implication, of course, is that he now describes what Jesus continued to do and teach through the church itself.

No wonder this early history is chockablock full of the Spirit and mission and prayer.

The Spirit, promised by Jesus as the equipping power for the disciples’ task as witnesses of Jesus, is poured out on the whole community, filling them with power to live and share the gospel.

Mission is the natural outflow, starting on the Day of Pentecost itself as Peter rises in front of the gathered masses, declaring the good news of Jesus, and seeing thousands who believed and were baptized, right then and there.

Prayer is the continuing, undergirding task of that gathered community (both prior to Pentecost and every day thereafter), resulting in ongoing harvest as more and more new believers stepped into the Kingdom, empowered by the Spirit, following Jesus.

May Heritage, too, in this day, be characterized by these three, in every increasing measure.

             May 27               Acts 2                                    Pentecost – Filled with the Spirit

             June   3             John 20:19-23                      As the Father Has Sent Me …

             June 10             Matthew 28:18-20             The Great Commission

             June 17             Acts 3-8                                  Growth in the Kingdom

              June 24                                                               On Mission

               July   1                                                                On Mission

               July   8                                                               On Mission

               July 15                                                               With Prayer

               July 22                                                              With Prayer

               July 29                                                              With Prayer

                Aug   5                                                               With Prayer – Filling of the Spirit

               Aug 12                                                               With Prayer –  Listening  to the Father

               Aug 19                                                               With Prayer – Workers for the Harvest

               Aug 26                                                              Family Service – Prayer – Boldly, Always

               Sept 2                                                                With Prayer . . .