Preaching Series


Revealing himself in a fresh way to Abram, Almighty God himself told him, simply but powerfully, “The Lord is your shield” (Gen 15:1).  What an amazing image!  It so resonated with the Old Testament writers and prophets that they spoke of the Lord in this way, again and again.  As they did, they revelled in his protection, embraced his help, gave thanks for his salvation, received his favour, and anchored themselves, yet again, in sureness of hope.

No wonder then, that the Old Testament is filled with accounts of men and women of faith who staked their lives on this reality.

During Fall 2018, we at Heritage enter into their stories, watching them in the midst of life’s ups and downs, confronting challenges to faith and limb, and being stretched by the certainty that God himself was with them, mighty to save, even when surrounding circumstances seemed to say otherwise.

May we, too, be captured by the certainty: The Lord is my Shield.


September 23      –      Genesis 15:1      –      The Lord is My Shield

September 30     –       Genesis 15:1-6      –      Even When God’s Promise Seems Impossible (Abraham)

October 7      –      Genesis 45:4-8; 50:19-21      –      Even When Life Goes Sideways (Joseph)

October 14      –      Exodus 3:1-22      –      Even When Opposition Seems Unyielding (Moses) 

October 21      –      Joshua 1:1-9      –      Even When Shoes Are Too Big to Fill (Joshua)

October 28      –      Judges 6-8      –      Even When Our Hand is Not Strong Enough (Gideon)

November 4      –      1 Samuel 1:1-2      –      Even When Hope is Unfulfilled (Hannah)

November 11      –      1 Samuel 17      –      Even When Confronting a Giant (David)

November 18      –      Ezra 8:15-36      –      Even When the Journey is Perilous (Ezra)

November 25      –      Nehemiah 2:17-20; 4:1-23      –      Even When the Task is Daunting (Nehemiah)

December 2      –      Esther 4      –      Even When Everything Seems to Depend on You (Esther)


 Art work for this series is being crafted, week by week, by Kate Glenn –

see the accumulating Gallery here.