Preaching Series

SUMMER  2019



Jesus was a master story-teller, taking common occurrences from the world around him and crafting them into lessons of insight for those who had ears to hear.

Many provide insights into future events, like the coming of God’s Kingdom, the end of the world, final judgement.

But many give insights into how Jesus means his disciples to live right here, right now. It is these specific stories that we focus on this summer, seeking to have our motives and perspectives and behaviours shaped by the purposes and will of Jesus himself.

So come, listen to Jesus’ stories. Be shaped by his heart, his character, his Spirit. Have your own perspectives changed in the hearing.

And step more deeply into Jesus-Shaped living.


Jesus-Shaped Living:

Aug 11            Luke 10:30-37                      Eyes on the Roadside                                                Steve TeVelde

(Parable of Good Samaritan)

Aug 18            Luke 12:16-21                      Treasure Here or Treasure There.                 Tim MacIntosh
                        Matthew 13:44-46               (Parables of Rich Fool, Hidden Treasure,
                                                                              Pearl of Great Price)

Aug  25            Luke 17:7-10                        An End to Entitlement                                                   Lorne White

                                                                              (Parable of Master & His Servant)

Sept  1            Luke 14:7-14                        Upside Down Living                                                    Tim MacIntosh

(Parable of Lowest Seat at Feast)