Preaching Series

Imagine yourself on that hillside, overlooking Galilee. In company with a multitude you sit, listening intently to the Master. If you’re listening at all, it’s not light work. For as he preaches, Jesus intensifies the Law. Not only is his focus on outward actions, but he hones in on the interior recesses of our very souls.

Such an intense call to obedience feels somewhat daunting. Is mere rule-keeping the order of the day? Are we meant to be as law-focused as the Pharisees themselves?

Such questions, reveal the wrong starting place, listening from the wrong angle. Jesus said he came to set us free, to give us life in all fullness, with a yoke that is easy and a burden that is light. Rather than being a new burden, the Sermon on the Mount is a description of life lived in the freedom of God’s Kingdom. What Jesus maps out is nothing less than the good and beautiful life.

Oh, yes, we’ll need his Spirit to live it. Oh, yes, we’ll continually be dependent on the forgiveness of the cross. But Jesus’ preaching is intent on transforming us by renewing our minds – to see anger, bitterness, lust, unfaithfulness, vengeance, worry and hatred in all of their ugliness, while learning to embrace forgiveness, purity, reconciliation, faith and love in all their goodness and beauty.

Come listen to Jesus. Come step anew into the good and beautiful life.

* title borrowed from book by James Bryan Smith (IV Press)

Jan   7            Matthew 5:1-12                    The Beatitudes

Jan 14            Matthew 5:13-16                  Salt & Light

Jan 21            Matthew 5:17-20                  Abolishing the Law?

Jan 28            Matthew 5:21-26                 Broken Relationship

Feb 4              Matthew 5:27-30                Clean Eyes

Feb 11                                  Missions Week                

Feb 18                                  Missions Week

Feb 25            Matthew 5:31-32                 Divorce               

Mar  4            Matthew 5:33-37                Good As Your Word

Mar 11            David Hearn                           Life in the Spirit

Mar 18            Matthew 5:38-48                Bad Guys & Bullies

Mar 25            Palm Sunday                   The Cross

Apr 1                Easter                                 The Resurrection

Apr 8               Matthew 6:1-8, 16-18         Don’t Show Off

Apr 15             Matthew 6:7-15                   Connecting with the Father

Apr 22            Matthew 6:19-24                 Where’s Your Heart?

Apr 29            Matthew 6:25-34                 Don’t Worry

May 6             Matthew 7:1-6                       Don’t Judge

May   13         Matthew 7:7-12                     Ask, Seek, Knock

May 20          Matthew 7:13-23                   Entering the Kingdom

May 27           Matthew 7:24-29                  Wise & Foolish Builders    (was preached on Sept 17 2017)