Preparing for Pentecost

What a momentous event! The Day of Pentecost marked the fulfilment of the Father’s long-given promise to “pour out My Spirit on all people.” The disciples who gathered in that upper room in the heart of Jerusalem, 120 of them, experienced the roaring of a mighty wind, tongues of fire dancing on each head, and the infilling presence of the Spirit of God himself. Transformed and empowered, they spilled forth praise to God in languages supernaturally endowed, and boldly stepped into their new role as witnesses of Jesus, seeing some 3000 people come to faith on that one day. Wow.

This is our birthright. This is our inspiration to press into more of the Lord’s gift.

In preparation for this Sunday’s anniversary celebration, I offer you a reading for each of the next 4 days (each posted here, morning by morning). I invite you to reflect with me on Pentecost and its ongoing promise. The first reading will take you 10-15 minutes, the others less.

And pray, expecting more of the Spirit’s empowering presence, for the Lord “gives the Spirit without limit.”

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