Heritage Listening Posts

A special thank you to everyone who have responded and provided valuable input through both the Listening Post sessions and in response to the Church Health survey.


The Next Step:

The Board of Elders will meet on July 18th to take a first look at the survey findings.  A full congregation presentation of the findings from the Church Health Survey, to occur in September – date to be announced.

Combined with the findings from the Listening Posts & Heritage Culture Book, we can then begin to clarify the action steps necessary to support what God is calling you and I into here at Heritage Alliance Church during this time, and in this place.  Let’s join Him, in what He is doing…

You can read the one page summary or read through the more expanded version from the Listening Post sessions. Each of the summary phrases can be unpacked and is worth pursuing the meaning and context.

This is not an end to listening, but hopefully a beginning and continuation of learning to listen to God’s Spirit together, and continue to actively listen to each other.

One Page Short Summary

Expanded Summary

If you would like to connect with all the raw data, send a message or talk to Pastor Terry.  terry@heritagealliance.ca