Heritage Church Health Survey

Heritage Alliance Church Health Survey (July 2019) – Overview

The survey was conducted at end of June 2019; results shared with Elders on July 18, 2019.

The survey itself was completed by 110 members (70%) or attenders (30%), representing the age groups in the attached graph.

Some are relatively new, others long-time members: attending 1 year or less (9%), 2-4 years (14%), 5-9 years (18%), 10-19 years (25%), 20+ years (34%).

The vast majority attended another church before coming to Heritage (89%) and came to faith prior to attending Heritage (95%). 65% are currently serving in one or more church ministries.

  • 85% found Sunday services meaningful and relevant.
  • 58% agree that we have a strategy to impact our community. 42% disagree or are not sure.
  • 70% feel we have a strong sense of connection with one another as church family.
  • 68% agree spiritual growth is intentional/consistent. 19% not sure. 13% disagree.
  • 63% agree we are being trained and equipped for ministry. 37% disagree/not sure.
  • 52% feel we have a clear vision of our unique purpose and mission. 48% disagree/not sure.
  • 61% agree we plan forward movement re mission/vision. 23% not sure. 16% disagree.
  • 55% agree we have an effective organizational structure. 23% not sure. 22% disagree.
  • 54% agree we have a clear understanding of Elders’ role. 21% not sure. 25% disagree.
  • 80% agree we have a clear understanding of Pastors’ roles. 13% not sure. 7% disagree.
  • 93% agree we provide many opportunities for involvement in ministry.
  • 89% agree we have a prayer emphasis that impacts ministries.
  • 83% agree our facilities are adequate for current and future needs.Following are summarized comments given by many participants on the same theme:
  • Comments re Heritage’s greatest strengths: Bible-based preaching, sense of community, leadership (pastoral/lay), friendly and welcoming, care for one another, prayer ministry,committed people, family/multi-generational programs, desire to love/serve God.
  • Comments re greatest needs: Spirit-led renewal, renewed vision, youth/young adult influx,numerical growth.
  • What would you NOT want to change?: being welcoming community, Bible-basedpreaching, multi-generational focus, family ministries.
  • What should be changed?: Sunday worship (flow, variety), plus many 1-off suggestions.
  • Heritage’s values?: Christ-centred, Spirit-led, God’s Word, outreach, church as family, caringfor one another, discipleship, friendly/welcoming, service/volunteerism.
  • Significance of church location?: great location, outreach to local community, should focuson communities where we live and work.
  • What’s uniquely important to Heritage in coming years?: spiritual renewal, youth ministry,clarify vision, outreach to local community, serve community, global missions. Questions/comments gladly received by Elders at elders@heritagealliance.ca.



(1) PDF version of the above overview information can be obtained by clicking here.

(2) A full PDF presentation (including  statistics and key commentary), can be found by clicking here.