Adult Christian Life Classes

Sunday mornings (excluding long week-ends) from September until June we offer Christian Life Classes (CLC) for all ages.

Classes run from 9:00 – 9:45 am.

The purpose of CLC is to equip you to walk with Jesus as one of His followers.

There are 2 classes to choose from:

God’s Covenant With Us

Led by Steve TeVelde in room 101

This is a series that looks at the foundational moments in history where God speaks to the characters of the Bible directly and makes a covenant with them.   The big “if you will…, then I will…” moments.

The class will look at the people and events surrounding these moments, asking why did this happen at this point in the Bible, how did the people respond, how did God respond to them, how does this affect us today, etc.

This series will have a wonderful blend of surveying the story of Israel and the church as well as a refreshing reminder of the lengths God went through and still goes through to unite us with Him.

Parenting 101

Led by Miriam Taylor in the Community Room

Topics include:

Miriam Taylor is a parent consultant, school teacher, mother of 4 and grandmother of 8 and certified parent educator/coach with the Neufeld Institute.

Child Care will be provided.

To register, text Miriam Taylor 778-982-9571

 Note:  There will be no CLC on May 20