Christian Life Classes

Sunday mornings (excluding long week-ends) from September until June we offer Christian Life Classes (CLC) for all ages.

Christian Life Class (or CLC) is a discipling venue to support your journey with Jesus in a group setting.  

At this time, we have 2 options for you to choose from: (and potentially you could do both!)

CLC – Offsite

Enter a CLC experiment in discipling coming to Heritage in 2019

Watch for the release of an in house series – Steve TeVelde video teaching segments accompanied by a study guide. This discipling resource can be used individually, with a partner or two, in your small group…and shared with others. The goal is to broaden your understanding of the Bible and spur you on to make disciples who make disciples, through Biblical discussions on: The Garden, The Blessing, The Nation, The Exile, The Voice, The Hands, The Fulfillment, The Authority

Watch for the biweekly video release linked to the Heritage website…

CLC – Onsite

Starting January 20 – 9am on the lower level in Room 101

Sharpening your Leadership

Format: Global Leadership Summit sessions via video & group discussion

These powerful and current equipping sessions by key world leaders will challenge and focus your leadership development, whether you are a young or seasoned leader. Our discussion times will help make the topics practical in application.

Classes run from 9:00 – 9:45 am mid September to early June.

Come journey with us!