Care Ministry

Care Ministry at Heritage Alliance Church

The Care Ministry team here at Heritage Alliance reviews requests and follows up with needs that have been presented to our church.  It is our goal as believers to love all people as those whom God loves, and to show our love for HIM through our obedience as we love HIS children in our community of neighbours and fellow believers.  Love is shown in a variety of ways and often involves very practical acts, sometimes requiring funding or experience you may not have.

We know that many of you are already serving and helping those in need. If you feel called to love someone in a manner that goes beyond your own resources, the Care Ministry Team wants to make its resources and experience available to you for your own work in our community.

So, if you are aware of a need (in our congregation or in the larger community) please let the Care Team know through the office or pastoral staff. We will work together to support you in what God has laid on your heart.  In doing this as a church, many of us then become the hands and face of God as we help others.  This is how we show that we are HIS disciples, by our love for the brothers and sisters, our neighbours.  So let the heart of God be glad in this, our worship to HIM.

In addition, the Team is always eager to have others join us who wish to be part of this ministry.  We welcome people from all age groups. We encourage you to prayerfully consider if God is leading you to volunteer in this work.


For further information, please contact Gord Jarvie.  604-855-1714

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