A Bible Reading Adventure


I’ve been reading the Bible for years.  Truth be told, sometimes there’s been excitement, sometimes simply duty.

But if God has made himself known powerfully through his written word (and he has!), then I want to listen as closely as I can, as often as I can.

The adventure comes from realizing that he is actually more intent on this than I!

So, I continue to read and listen.

Will you join me?

If so, let me give you several options to pursue.  I know someone who has powered through the whole Bible with a 90-day reading program!  Twice!  Others pursue reading through the whole scripture in 1 year (I’ve done that the last several years).  Others make a commitment to 1 paragraph (or 1 chapter) every day (or 5-times-per-week), focusing on the insights they get, step by step by step.

Whatever your style, whatever your preference, I encourage you to step fresh into the adventure.

Here are 4 recommended options

  1. Bible in One YearHere’s a plan I’ve used for the last number of years. It gets you to read 4 different portions of the Bible each day (Gospels, New Testament, plus 2 portions from the Old Testament).  It’s manageable, because there are only 25 days’ worth of reading for each month – which means that if you get behind, you can catch up!  A one-year plan with much grace!The plan was originally published in BC Christian News about 25 years ago – the newspaper is now defunct, but here’s a much-worn copy which you can print on card-stock and keep in your Bible:January-June Reading Plan
    July-December Reading Plan
  2. New Testament in a Year
    Here’s a plan that will take you through the whole New Testament in a year, 1 chapter per day.
    (Scroll through the available reading plans until you come to “New Testament in a Year” – click on the link, then “Log In” and create your own free account, if you choose.)
  3. Survey of the Bible (5 days per week, one chapter per day)
    Here’s a Bible Reading Plan that takes you on a tour of the whole Bible – over the course of 365 days you will read key chapters from every book of the Bible, one chapter per day, with weekends unscheduled (for catching-up or for reflection).
  4. Scripture Reflection (Learning to Hear God’s Voice)
    This is a plan (or a Bible reading method, really) that involves smaller portions of reading, but encourages attentive listening to the Lord’s voice each day.To get the best sense of this process, I’d encourage you to invest 45 minutes and $3.29 to watch a video from Freedom Session presenter, Ken Dyck, entitled “Learning to Hear God’s Voice & Respond.” You can connect to it from this link:
    https://vimeo.com/ondemand/freedomsession/166441999Once you understand the process, you can begin reading through the Scriptures wherever you like (perhaps starting with Matthew’s Gospel, or John’s), and listen day by day for the Lord’s particular word for your own life.

Those are some good options, but there are many more (see below).

The most important thing is simply to engage in the Adventure.  Blessings as you do.

Pastor Tim

Other Bible Reading Plans available are at:
YouVersion (https://www.bible.com/reading-plans-collection/423), or at
Bible Gateway (https://www.biblegateway.com/reading-plans/?version=NIV)